Monday, April 6, 2009

National Skirt Extension Project is a WHAT?!

Yes thats right. The National Skirt Extension Program. This morning sitting in my car listening to a popular, local radio station and I hear an advert for the National Skirt Extension Program which aims, get this, "To increase the displayed length of a ladies skirt on restroom signs". Feel free to go check it out yourself here. There is also a telephone number to call for more information. There are some fears that calling that number will result in large call fees as if you had called one of those premium number sex lines, but the 0860 number is NOT a premium call number so out of curiosity I called it. After listening to a recording about the NSEP I hung up.

I honestly cannot think there is anything real about this. If our government really has initiated a project as frivolous as this, then we really do need to be careful who we vote into power in the next election. I can only see this as some form of prank. One person commented on another blog that he actually called the agency responsible who apprently says its for real and their client is the NSEP but that they couldn't go into more details.

I hope this is only some delayed April Fool's joke or an attempt by someone to garner attention and then use that attention to launch some other project or initiative. If any one has anymore information please feel free to share because this is a little scary if it's real....

EDIT: Apparently there is speculation that this advertising is being arranged by UniLever, you know, the household products company. If this really is a viral marketing strategy by a company then I must say they have done good work here. I am actually surprised there is nothing from the government yet to denounce the adverts as nothing to do with them.

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