Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Its all about me.

Well, no, I am not that pretentious. This blog is all about me and my day-to-day activities related to web development, primarily with that revolutionary, server-side scripting language known as PHP, which started out standing for Personal Home Page and now represents Hypertext Pre-Processor ... pretty much a "hacked" acronym.

But enough about the boring history of PHP (I assume boring as when I discuss it with most people the glazed look is a dead give-away), and more about me. I am Gareth ... Oh, you want a bit more? Alrighty then. I am as of the date of this post a 28 year-old, engaged (should earn me some kudos with the little lady), South African guy, currently employed by Synaq, a company that specialises in providing Managed Linux Services to corporations using Open Source technologies. Pretty much were a bunch of Open Source geeks having a blast playing with really powerful machines that handle millions of processes per day. Well, thats what the System Admin's do at least. I am the geek that makes some of the software my fellow colleagues use and even some of our clients. I am the Web Developer. Or rather a web developer because with my compatriot Scott we are the team of two that try our best to write, hack, squeeze, prod, improve, maintain and otherwise maul code into some semblance of what the company wants. Its a nice job ... keeps me kinda busy .. and we get free coffee .. which is a nice perk..

And I am waffling so ONWARD! The reason I created this blog is simply because in my day-to-day work I often find myself sitting with a Great Discovery in my hands, either conjured alone or with Scott, and no one to share it with. While there are sites I could post this stuff onto it somehow feels more like just chucking stuff at the world in general than it does making a contribution. So, I hope to use this blog to share my web development woes and I have a few ideas I hope to get up and running on here as well. One of which is a complete A-Z tutorial of becoming a PHP web developer. All the way from understanding the client-server chain, to installing a testing server on your machine, choosing an IDE and getting stuck into the coding.

Well enough waffle for today. Tomorrow I shall make my first post (or later if I can't contain myself). Thanks for taking the time to read my first piece of drivel and hope you come back

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