Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Warcraft Movie is going to ROCK!

I am sorry, but I absolutely HAD to blog about this. It is now confirmed that Sam Raimi will be directing the upcoming Warcraft movie based on Blizzard's Warcraft game franchise. For those not in the know, Warcraft has been around since 1994 in the form of a real-time strategy game with two sequels and a number of expansions. It then transformed into the now massive World of Warcraft, the worlds largest Massively Multiplayer Online game, with over 11 million subscribers.

How do I know its going to be amazing?

1. The franchise lore

The storyline that accompanies Warcraft and the events that play out in its plot all the way from the 1994 RTS game to the current WoW are a move makers delight. Full of action, intrigue, drama, wars, treachery and love stories.

2. Sam Raimi

When Blizzard first publicly expressed an interest back in 2007 about making a Warcraft movie, Uwe Boll approached Blizzard saying he could direct for them. With this directors serious lack of success at game to movie conversions (anyone remember Street Fighter?), Blizzard pretty much laughed him out and told him where he could stick his offer. They then went and selected, in my opinion, one of the industries finest action/fantasy directors. Pretty much anything Sam has directed has ended up golden.

3. Blizzards neurotic caution with its IP

Blizzard has a very big reputation for ensuring that the quality of anything related to its IP is stellar. For evidence, look at Starcraft Ghost, a game that was supposed to be an FPS based version of the Starcraft universe that was never launched because Blizzard thought it wasn't good enough. The expansions for World of Warcraft were also supposed to only take a year each and notoriously took a lot longer because Blizzard wanted to ensure a quality product. Starcraft 2 as well was supposed to be released last year but was delayed because again, Blizzard wanted it perfect.

I have no doubt they will employ the same tactic with the movie and not allow it to be released if it ends up being a load of crap.

There have also been numerous comments around by people who are not as in love with the Warcraft universe as I am, or the 11 million other players of WoW, and believe that only die-hard fans will watch it. Personally I don't think this is the case. The same was said about Harry Potter and yet more people have watched the movies than have read the books or even knew about the books. The lore and storyline that exists within the Warcraft universe is so broad and appealing that it should be a great movie to watch regardless of if you have ever seen or taken part in the games.

So come release day I will be at the front of the ticket buying queue and happily settle down in front of the big screen with popcorn and drink to be absorbed in a universe I have come to love.

Lok'tar Ogar!!!


  1. Raimi fits the project and I bet this would become a hit as long as the script goes well. It's rare for good games to still be good in the big screen. Oh well, which side would he be in? Horde or Alliance.

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